Here is what you need to know about translated documents for apostille

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Here is what you need to know about translated documents for apostille.

If you are submitting important documents for use outside the United States, you may need translations. If you do, most countries will not accept, “My-neighbor’s-cousin-did-it-for-me.” Unless your neighbor’s cousin is a certified translator,  you will have a tough time getting your documents accepted.

Certified or not?

Certified translations are required. Many clients come to me with rejected documents because of problems with translations.  This usually means  redoing the translations, as well as the apostilles. This is because many countries require submission within 3 months to a year. This means everything must be well timed. It can take awhile to receive new background checks and vital records. Be sure to get certified translations upfront. Does your receiving country require notarized translations?  Advise us in advance.  We will notarize the translator at the time of translation.

Know the order of your transaction.

The most common order is translations first, then apostille(s).   But sometimes the order is apostille(s), then translations. Find out what is required.  Did you know every California apostille already comes in English, Spanish, and French? This may save you money!

Relax, we got this!

At Apostilles Now, we offer certified, notarized translations in every language. When you place an apostille order with us, we take care of everything. We guarantee our work. You may upload your documents for a free quote. Once approved, we can begin the translations even before we receive your hard copy document for apostille.   Most requests are ready in a couple of days. We present you with a review copy once your translation is complete.   At Apostilles Now we are proud to offer certified translation services to our Apostille clients. Call us today to discuss your service request. Whether you are relocating, going to school, teaching, selling/buying property, or expanding your business, we’d love to help with your transaction!

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