Notary Services

Notary Services

A notary public is a public official who performs invaluable services for the legal, business, financial, and real estate communities. Mobile notary services mean we come to you. Our services can be performed in the comfort of your home, a retirement facility, work, gym, hospital, coffee shop, you name it. We make it convenient for you to sign your documents. Call or text us for an appointment.

Document Types

We notarize a wide range of documents. Including but not limited to, Powers of Attorney, Deeds of Trust, Transcripts, Affidavits, Immigration Documents, Advanced Health Care Directives, Trusts, Adoption paperwork, Loan documents, Real Estate purchases, and many more.

What Do I Need?

You need your documents, of course. You also need to have proper identification. A current, valid, state driver’s license or DMV issued ID will do the the trick. Other forms of ID could also be acceptable. Don’t have ID? If it would be difficult to get ID, we could use two credible witnesses with valid ID to prove satisfactory evidence for the signer. Pleases inquire for details.

Excellent Service

We are bonded and insured. As members of the NNA we come fully background checked and certified as your loan signing agent.

Other Commonly Asked Questions

Do I need an acknowledgment or a jurat?

An acknowledgment means the signer appeared before the notary, proved identity, and signed the document.

A jurat means the signer appeared before the notary, proved identity, signed the document in our presence and swore or affirmed to the truthfulness/accuracy of the content of the document. If the notary verbiage is not pre-printed, consult with the requesting party for clarification on which notarial act is required.

We can tell you which is which, but cannot advise you which one you should choose. We are not Attorneys, therefore we are prohibited by law from giving legal advice. Please consult with your Attorney for the proper advice.

How can I ensure my documents /signature(s) can be notarized?

Make sure the document you want notarized can be notarized. For example, there are some things that don’t get notarized, like Wills (unless requested by an attorney) Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates (these are certified by the County Clerk-Recorder, and incomplete documents or out of state documents with improper notarial verbiage.

Other Helpful Resources

We are not attorneys; it is illegal to for us to give legal advice. We encourage you to consult an attorney to advise you on legal matters as they relate to your documents. Below are some local resources that may help you to complete your documents.

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