Our services include corporate and personal business filings. We take great pride in handling your documents with the utmost care and consideration for your privacy. Our goal is to provide fast and efficient service giving you the confidence that your sensitive documents are in the right hands. Below is a menu of services. Our pricing includes request and retrieval of your documents, one certified copy where applicable, photo confirmation, state filing fees, and USPS Priority return shipping.

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Business Filings

Document Retrieval

Copy of all documents

Copy of Formation (e.g. articles) or registration filing only

Copy of last complete Statement of Information

Copy of all Statements of Information of record

Certificate of Filing of ALL Documents

Certificate of No Record

Copy of all amendments only (restated articles, mergers, dissolutions, cancellations etc.)

Certificate of Status (certifying to the status of the entity, e.g., active, suspended, cancelled, etc.)

Corporate Business Filings & Other Services

Articles of Incorporation

Articles of Incorp. – Nonprofit

Articles of Incorp. – CID

Certificate of Amendment (All)

Restated Articles of Incorporation

Statement of Information

Statement of No Change

CA Corporations 1505 Certificate

Statement by Common Interest Development Association

LLC Filings

Articles of Organization

Certificate of Amendment

Restated Articles of Organization

Certificate of Correction

Statement of Information

Statement of No Change

Preclearance Services

24–Hr. Preclearance Service (I)

72–Hr. Preclearance Service (II)

5–Day Preclearance Service (III)

10–Day Preclearance Service (IV)


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